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Trust Queanbeyan Dental Clinic With Your Routine Dental Check-Ups And Cleanings

Do you brush and floss your teeth every day? If the answer is yes, that’s a great start. However, even if you follow a strict oral hygiene regime, it doesn’t mean that you can skip your routine dental check-up and clean appointment. Seeing your dentist on a regular basis – at least twice a year – is imperative to safeguarding your long-term oral health.

Why Do We Need Regular Dental Check-Ups?

Most dentists recommend a recall period of six months, but this timeframe differs based on individual needs. But if you suffer ongoing oral health problems, your dentist may encourage more frequent visits.

By attending regular check-ups, your dentist can detect any possible signs of oral health conditions including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. 

What Does A Check-Up and Cleaning Involve?

Our dentist will go through and perform a complete inspection throughout the time that you are in the chair. The dentist will go through looking for issues including cavities, signs of tooth decay and even indicators of more severe oral illnesses. These routine check-ups help to make sure that you have someone looking out for your oral health, which has a proven impact on your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

What Do Dentists Look Out For During A Check-up And Cleaning?

What If I Miss or Skip My Routine Check-Up Appointment?

It may be time-consuming and costly to book a check-up and cleaning, but the longer you put it off, the more you may end up paying. Skipping out on routine check-ups may result in:

  • Extensive damage to your teeth, tissues, and gums
  • More expensive treatments to repair this damage
  • Painful or uncomfortable teeth may cause difficulty with chewing actions, affecting your diet and general health.

What Happens If I Need Treatment After A Check-Up?

In most cases, patients will come in for their six-month check-up and leave without any issues. However, if we find that you need treatment, we will act accordingly. 

Our dentist will go over what the problem(s) are and describe the various available treatment options. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, as well as answer any questions you have. This way, you can make a practical and informed decision.

After a treatment has been decided, we will schedule an appointment that suits you to get your oral health back on track.

Oral Hygiene Tips From The QBN Dental Team ​

After every check-up and cleaning procedure, we will provide advice or tips on how to properly maintain your hygiene routine at home. Here are some general tips from our team:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day
  • Rinsing your mouth after eating is a good habit, especially if you are consuming acidic foods or drinks like soft drinks and fruit 
  • Avoid regularly consuming sugary foods – remember, moderation is key! 
  • Eat vitamin and fibre-filled foods including vegetables and nuts
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol 

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Book Your Routine Check-Up And Clean At QBN Dental Today

You can lower your risk of serious dental problems by maintaining proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist every six months. 

At Queanbeyan Dental Clinic, our comprehensive check-up and clean services not only help to maintain and improve your oral health, but we identify methods to protect you from developing bacteria and cavities. 

Check-up and cleans also allow our dentist to identify any early signs of issues through X-rays and examinations. QBN Dental accepts all major health funds. If you are an HCF, Medibank or NIB member, your health fund will cover services at our clinic! Call us on 02 6297 3171 to book your check-up appointment now.