The Things You Should Know When Visiting the Dentist While Pregnant

Pregnant women have a lot on their plate. From morning sickness to dealing with swollen ankles, there is a lot to worry about. But one thing that often gets overlooked is dental care. Many pregnant women are unsure of what they should and should not do when it comes to visiting the dentist. In this blog post, we will discuss the top things you should know when visiting the dentist while pregnant!

Can you go to the dentist while pregnant?

The answer is yes! Pregnant women can and should visit the dentist. In fact, it is recommended that pregnant women visit the dentist at least once during their pregnancy. This is because pregnancy can cause a number of changes in the mouth, such as increased gum sensitivity and an increase in plaque buildup. Having good dental health improves your overall health  and can help prevent complications during pregnancy.

What dental procedures can I have while pregnant?

Most dental procedures are safe to have while pregnant. However, it is always best to consult with your dentist before having any procedure done. If you need to have major surgery like having impacted wisdom teeth removed, you should have this either before or after pregnancy if it can be avoided.

Is a dental x-ray safe while pregnant?

Dental x-rays are considered safe during pregnancy when using a modern device as they emit low doses of radiation. However, as with any procedure, you should always consult with your dentist first. If you are pregnant and need to have a dental x-ray, the dentist will use a lead apron to protect your abdomen from radiation exposure.

What if I am experiencing morning sickness?

If you are experiencing morning sickness, it is best to schedule your dental appointment for after the first trimester. This is because morning sickness can make it difficult to keep food down and increase your risk of vomiting.

Is there a good time during pregnancy to visit the dentist?

The second trimester is generally considered the best time to visit the dentist while pregnant. This is because morning sickness has usually subsided and you are not yet experiencing the fatigue that often comes along with the third trimester.

What happens if I am in the middle of orthodontic treatment?

If you are in the middle of orthodontic treatment, you can still continue the process. However, if you are looking to begin the orthodontic process your dentist may recommend that you wait until after your baby is born as your mouth changes due to swelling, and you will require more x-rays once the swelling subsides which will increase the overall cost of treatment.

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